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My latest Memphis Daily News column is out, “Networking How To’s.” In it, I provide a step by step strategy for expanding your network quickly.

One of the best ways to advance a career in a competitive market is through networking. In many ways, it’s both the easiest and hardest part of a search. Today, I received two questions on the topic of networking best practices.

When you’re networking for the purpose of getting ahead, you will want to meet and connect with certain people. For example, if you’re a graphic artist, you may want to meet marketers. If you’re a computer programmer, you may want to get to know more IT professionals. And, if you’re a programmer who wants to become a graphic artist, you’ll want to connect with both.

The first step is to identify events where the people you’re targeting socialize. To learn how to identify these events and what to do when you arrive, read my entire Memphis Daily News column here.


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