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Reddit Gifts is searching for a Head of Marketing in Salt Lake City, UT.

redditgifts is hiring for a full-time Head of Marketing who is self-motivated, entrepreneurial, and a proven leader. The position requires a minimum of four years of online marketing experience preferably in e-commerce marketing. This person will be responsible for building a globally recognized e-commerce brand in addition to developing end-to-end marketing solutions for customer acquisition, the marketplace shopping experience, merchant best practices, and order fulfillment.

Head of Marketing is responsible for the planning and execution of marketing and sales goals for redditgifts’ US and global e-commerce business. This key leader will bring creativity to the marketing arm as well as an ability to establish proven best practices, process, measurement, and forecasting systems. This leader will be well versed in all aspects of customer acquisition including SEM, SEO, PLA’s, and Affiliate as well as retention, loyalty, and reactivation.

We seek applicants with a track record of both establishing and growing these programs. This person will possess strong vendor relations, project management, communication, and analytical skills, as well as experience working for a data-driven, multichannel, direct-to-consumer e-commerce retailer.

Top applicants will have utilized lifetime value to drive customer acquisition, developed sophisticated multi-contact attribution models, leveraged social media to drive not only customer engagement but acquisition and sales and have a proven track record of leading a team in accomplishing meaningful and sustained sales growth.

Head of Marketing needs to be a big thinker. This is a creative role, and spreading happiness is our number one priority at redditgifts. Applicants should be excited to develop brand strategies and marketing campaigns that both inspire the world and bring happiness to others.

To learn more, or to apply online, visit the Reddit Gifts posting here.


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