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My latest Memphis Daily News column is out, “Unconventional Career Advice.” In it, I give tips on trying something a little different in your job search – to hopefully help you to avoid burnout.

Conventional wisdom seems to indicate that the steps to finding a new job are writing a resume, and then applying to job postings online. Soon after, every company will contact you for an interview and after one meeting, you’ll get a great offer and start just a few weeks later. Months after trying this method, jobseekers feel frustrated and confused.

To avoid this job search burnout, try something a little different. First, start out by doing more than looking for the quick fix. Establish relationships within companies you’re interested in – whether or not they have an open position today. This boils down to expanding your network, so when a position does come open down the road, the company will already know you. They may even approach you with a job opportunity before you hear about it.

To read my entire article, and learn about how you can be more creative in your job search, visit the Memphis Daily News site here.


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