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My latest Memphis Daily News column is out, “Making the Most of Career Fairs.” In it, I discuss taking advantage of local career fairs – whether you’re just out of college, or have been in the workforce for many years.

As college graduates prepare to enter the working world in May, corporations begin to ramp up their hiring. More jobs are posted, and recruiters increase their search efforts. Even if you graduated from college years or decades ago, this can be a perfect time to look for a new opportunity.

One place big companies look for candidates is at career fairs. Some fairs are standalone events, while others are part of a larger conference. Typically, fairs have a theme. Two common themes are business and engineering. It’s important to note that the same big-name recruiters hiring at an engineering fair are often the same folks hiring for marketing and sales roles at other fairs.

To read the entire article, visit the Memphis Daily News site here.

***Please note: The date of the NSBE career fair is listed in the article as April. The NSBE career fair is March 27-28. I apologize for my typo.***

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