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Happy Valentine’s Day!

My latest Memphis Daily News column is out, “Putting Your <3 Into Your Job.”  In it, I discuss finding a job that aligns to your personal goals, and allows you to be happy each day when you go to work.  Given how much time we all spend working, it’s important to do something you love.

The season of love is upon us. Is it fair to say you love what you’re doing for a living? Do you find yourself putting in your all every day, or is it a drag to get up in the morning – or worse yet, to go to bed the night before, knowing your next day’s work is looming over you?

If you don’t enjoy what you’re doing for a living, it’s time to take stock of what’s important to you. Start out by ranking the following items in order from least to most important: Location, Career Fulfillment, Financial Stability and Career Field.

To read the entire article, visit the Memphis Daily News site here.


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