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The Make Memphis kickoff event will be held Saturday, February 8th.

Here are details from the event website:

It’s time to put your energy into action. The Make Memphis kick-off party will involve your ideas and free beer, some 90-second project pitches, and the opportunity to meet other members and get involved.

We love big goals, but this event will be all about generating smaller projects that we can complete in the near term. It’s important for this event that we focus on neighborhood level, place making projects. The success stories we build here will give us the organization, attention and energy to tackle larger projects this summer.

How This Works:

Ideas — Give us your best idea for a project that would quickly improve a Memphis Neighborhood. No matter how small there is always something that can improve a neighborhood. In exchange for your idea we’ll give you a cup to fill with High Cotton beer.

Some possible project ideas include:

  • I want to convert a vacant lot downtown into a bocce ball court.
  • I want to fix the neighborhood playground equipment.
  • I want to build a scoop the poop station at a neighborhood dog park.
  • I want better crosswalks in my neighborhood.
  • I want a community garden in my neighborhood.
  • I want bike rack and bike repair station in my neighborhood.
  • I want to clean up an interstate interchange.

Pitch — If you have an idea that is far enough along that you want to pitch to the group, you’ll can sign up to do so. You will be given 90 seconds to tell us about your idea for your project. We only have time for a small number of pitches so get there early if you want to pitch.

Open Source — You will be given a chance to get feedback on our idea, build a “Track Team” to help with fundraising and project implementation, or collaborate and help others with their ideas.

Whether you choose to pitch or not, the event will be a lot of fun and a great way to get involved in a project or two. There will also be opportunity to share your contact info and interests so that we can keep you up to date on general Make Memphis initiatives and those specific to you.

To learn more, or to get your ticket online, visit the Eventbrite invitation here.


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