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As you’re starting on your New Year’s resolution to find a new job, it’s time to remember a few things NOT to do during your 2014 job search:

  1. Sell yourself short:  Just because you don’t meet every detail of a job description’s requirements  doesn’t mean you shouldn’t  apply.  Who knows, you may even get the job!
  2. Wear jeans to a job interview:  Unless you are 100% certain that jeans are the preferred attire for an interview at the company, wear slacks or a suit.  Just because the company employees are wearing jeans (like on Fridays), it doesn’t mean you should.  You’re interviewing.
  3. Use an old e-mail address: E-mail addresses like AOL and Hotmail make you look out of date and out of touch.  It’s time to sign up for Gmail.
  4. Don’t take advantage of LinkedIn: LinkedIn can be a wonderful resource for your job search.  If you disagree, it’s time to try again.  You can find jobs, stay in touch with your networking connections, and solicit endorsements of your work.
  5. Post drunk photos of yourself on Facebook: Employers check your social media to find out about you.  Don’t post things that you wouldn’t want them to see.
  6. Lie on your resume:  Honesty is the best (and only) policy.  And remember, if you lie now, it can be grounds for firing later.
  7. Forget about networking: Networking is your number one tool for finding a new job.  Don’t underestimate its importance.
  8. Be open to your current employer about your search: Do not tell your boss or coworkers that you’re looking for a new job.  You will need to keep that job until you’ve secured your new one. Sharing too soon can leave you without a job before you’re ready.
  9. Leave home without your business cards: You never know when you’ll meet your next boss.  Even if you’re unemployed, get business cards.  Carry them everywhere.
  10. Say negative things about your current employer: Job interviews are not the time to talk about your negative views on your previous employer.  Keep the conversation light, and remain as neutral as you can.
  11. Forget to update your resume: You may be asked to provide a resume sometime when you’re not expecting.  Do you really want to create a delay by going home to update it?  Keeping it current allows you to send it to anyone anytime.
  12. Share too many of your personal views: The same way you don’t discuss your political and religious views at a dinner party, you want to keep them to yourself during your job search.  Leave them off of your resume and out of social media.  You never know who may be reading them. Alternatively, lock down the privacy settings on your social media to keep potential employers eyes away.
  13. Don’t send thank you notes: Sending a handwritten thank you note after an interview is an easy thing to do that will have a big impact.  Few candidates do it, and all employers remember it.  It’s in expensive an easy.  Give it a try after your next interview.
  14. Forget about negotiating: Many (if not most) job seekers don’t negotiate when they receive a job offer.  Don’t give up thousands of dollars that you could make with a quick conversation.  It’s uncomfortable, but it only takes 5 minutes.  Give it a try.

Happy hunting!

Angela Copeland


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