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My friend Anna Cardona recently contacted me about a position she’s hiring for at Chartwell Financial Group.  She’s recruiting for financial advisers in Memphis.  If you are new to the field, she let me know that Chartwell offers training to their advisers.

Below is a little more information from the job description that Anna shared with me.  If you are interested, e-mail your resume to Anna at

What we are looking for:

  • Individuals with excellent communication skills
  • People who have demonstrated leadership attributes, through community or academic involvement
  • People with a “natural market”, ties to the community that can be supplemented with a successful marketing plan.
  • Someone who embraces and understands the value and ethic of hard work
  • A Team player with high integrity

Roles and Responsibilities of a financial advisor:

  • Clearly understand the financial and life circumstances of your client
  • Provide proper advice addressing all aspects of their financial situation
  • Give guidance the same as you would apply to yourself if in the same situation
  • Provide exceptional service with empathy to the needs of each client
  • Commit to constantly meeting new people and introducing your services


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