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I came across an interesting posting today that you should check out if you have an interest in teaching.  Tutor for Good is looking for online tutors to teach struggling students.  They have both a paid and volunteer position listed on their website.  The volunteer position would be great for someone between jobs, who has not yet found exactly what they’re looking for.  It would be a great resume builder for a good cause.

Here’s information about Tutor for Good, from their website:

Tutor for Good is a project of Felicity Motivational Group (FMG), a nationally recognized non-profit organization and the premier source for educational services. We provide free online tutoring to students, regardless of location. T4G is dedicated to providing students with free online tutoring while fulfilling FMG’s mission of informing minds, transforming health, and changing lives(TM).

To check out these postings, visit their website here.


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