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My latest Memphis Daily News column is out, “Job or No Job.”

In the job market today, millennials are one of the groups most likely to be unemployed. Last week, ABC Family premiered a new reality TV show to shed light on this issue, “Job or No Job.”

According to ABC, “Job or No Job” follows one young adult per episode on his or her journey to land a first job. Each job seeker will go on three interviews to find out if he or she lands a job offer. Author and CEO Jane Buckingham guides each of the candidates through the interview process, serving as career expert and job coach.

To read my entire column, and to find out my take on the important job search lessons that can be learned from this show, visit the Memphis Daily News website here.



Author: Angela Copeland

Angela Copeland is Founder and Coach for Copeland Coaching, a great way to jump start your job search. Follow her on Twitter @CopelandCoach for tips on finding the perfect job for you.

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