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Corporate Recruiting & Placement Services

If you’re a corporation looking for help recruiting your next top hire, Copeland Coaching can help. For corporate clients, Copeland Coaching provides corporate recruiting and placement services.

We use a hands on approach to personally match candidates to your specific hiring needs. If you’re  interested to expand your recruiting reach, contact us today. The steps are easy.

  1. Contact Copeland Coaching and setup a consultation with to review your unique staffing needs. We will meet with you to explain the recruiting process in more detail and to answer any questions you may have.
  2. We will hand select multiple candidates who may meet your staffing needs. We will present those candidates to you, and answer any additional questions.
  3. You will then review and select the candidates that you’re interested to interview.
  4. You will select the candidate that best meets your hiring needs!

If you’re a hiring manager or company interested to learn more about Copeland Coaching’s corporate recruiting services, please reach out to us here or give us a call at 901-878-9758.

If you’re an individual job seeker who’s looking for help with your job search, please check out our career coaching services here. You can also download a PDF about our recruiting and placement services here.

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